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Terry Cotton's real name is Ralf Nagelschmidt, he was born in 1976 in Rheine Germany. At the age of 14 he began playing the guitar. His father taught him the first chords and the rest of his today's arts he taught himself. (This, he thanked his father in the song Red Sky. That's also the name of his first album.) Over the years, Terry began with song writing and gently with singing. There followed the first volume of tests. When he heard Bob Dylan and learned to love him, he tried also to start playing theharmonica. Knowingly, he never make money to see a recording studio from insidehe tried it with home recording, because his great talent is actually the song writing. Initially he started with an 8-track cassette recorder. So he is a home producer of the first hour. He quickly came to technically sound limits. It was also difficult to find like-minded musicians with a lot oftime and motivation to help him to produce his songs like he heard it himself. With the entrance of digital technology in the recording studios, it was soon possible to close to well-produced and best sounding recordings at home.After much trying and playing with the technology, Terry had come to an own record label called Nagel-Records. This process needed a self-produced pressed CD. He got to know Eva, a very good bass player from Rheine and asked her, if she would like to contribute to his own songs. She agreed and in lengthy patchwork with Eva and the rest of the musicians who came, the Red Sky album was ready. The foundation stone for Nagel-Records is out now. What will come of it, it is first open. Terry Cotton is working for another new album, to have enough material for live performances.


Terry Cotton

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New Album "New Band" ! Release Date: 30.08.2013