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Bootleg Vol. 1 (1998-2005) free download now !! 1. Dangle2. Higher Than The Mountains3. Another Lucky Man4. You´re All5. Smile6. Last Night7. Red Sky (Alternate Version)8. Tears Falling Slow (Instrumental)9. Can´t Find My Way Home"Thank You Bob..." (2008)1. But In Heaven2. Crying In The Rain3. She Is Walking Away4. Over Thousand5. Trouble On My Way6. Such A Beautiful Girl7. 60´ty Miles8. Higher Than The Mountains (Folk Version)9. HellhoundsRed Sky (2010)1. Mia2. Hey Little Girl3. On The Road Again4. Red Sky5. Zero Blues6. Into The Sunrise7. Come Home With Me8. So Tired9. The Train10. Elevator

Bootleg Vol.1

"Thank You Bob..."

Red Sky


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Journey Girl

Journey Girl (2011)1. Journey Girl2. Bitch on The Street3. The Poorest Man4. Heart Of Steel5. My Friend6. Behind The Rainbow7. Too Shy8. Down To The Cradle9. Christmas In The Air 10. My Father Left Me (Before I Was Born)

Terry Cotton

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New Album "New Band" ! Release Date: 30.08.2013