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10/08/2013...Terry Cotton has asked his new band to go into the studio to record some new songs. Without fanfare and long arranging the three master musicians, Martin (guitar, harmonica), Peter (bass) and Thorsten (drums), wailed the eight new Songs of Terry, plus the two new songs "Green Hills" by Martin and "Going down Slow" by Peter, to the tape. The two guest musicians Holger (saxophone) and Gerry (blues harp) have refined the song "Valentine" (saxophone) and the song "Dangle" (blues harp). Now there came out a blend of country, blues and rock songs that move nice and airy, yet somewhat rough and bluesy through the space. The words act again of bluesy love / hate lyrics to well-packed critical stories of society, but also of friendship and hope. All in one, a nice record for all occasions...02/09/2012...the album Boootleg Vol.1 is now available as a free download in the Dicography...17/08/2011...a new bandproject is comming now!!The Blues & More Session Band is now released...more soon!!10/06/2011..."Journey Girl" Out Now!!..In All Leading MP3-Stores!!!...sorry but there are no more CD´s available, butthe albums are published in all leading MP3-Shops......only that volume "Bootleg Vol. 1" must wait,perhaps it will be available as a free download right here...we will see how it works...Copy Kills Music!!!!17/01/2011...a new album called "Journey Girl"is comming up in the middle of this year,a special date is not noted until now......the catalog will grow up with two CD´s soon, one is called "Bootleg Vol.1" and that album "Thank you Bob..." will be available as a CD too...01/05/2010...the new album Red Sky is now available. It has become a country influencedmiddle of the road albumwhich is fit simultaneously commercial and underground. It is Terry Cotton's second album, he is a versatile musician who describes himself but only as a blues musician. Listen yourself and click your way through the samples in thediscography!!

Terry Cotton

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New Album "New Band" ! Release Date: 30.08.2013